Truvada vs Descovy?

What started as only one option has become three so which PrEP is right for you?

The one that started it all! Truvada works for everyone along the gender spectrum in providing a 99% effectiveness rate and, while some have experienced issues with kidneys or bone density, those issues will be monitored every step along your Truvada journey and most people do not have them.

Generic Truvada
While Truvada is a well-known name brand, the generic has come along to make it easier than ever to access this game changing medication along with all of the benefits of Truvada. While the same side effects are also possible with this, there is zero difference in how protected you are.

The new kid in town! This version of PrEP is currently only recommended for cisgender men and trans women and does not have a generic. Descovy has proven much easier on the kidneys and bone density while remaining just as effective as its predecessor, Truvada.

Makes It Easy!

We offer multiple ways to be seen by a medical professional. Whether you prefer to see a doctor in person or from the comfort of your own home, wants to work with what works for you.

Are you a one stop shop kind of person?

Well, then an in-person clinic visit is right for you! During your visit, you will get face time with a doctor ready to make sure PrEP is right for you, get your lab work done, and receive your prescription in the mail.

Are you a person on the go and can’t come to a clinic?

Well then let the clinic come to you! Once you do your virtual visit, with a doctor, we can send you an at-home test kit that you send back to us or a member of our highly trained team of nurses will come to you to do the lab work.

Regardless of which option you choose is committed to making sure the process feels effortless.

Your sexual health is as much of a priority to us as it is to you.