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Kai Clarke

Hello everyone. My name is Kyung, and I am a master of a design student. I have a design project for HIV PrEP medication to make people more accessible and encourage usage in the LGBTQ community. As a closet queer gender, I wanted to explore the critical topic of understanding social impact. I would like to hear personal stories about how you decided to take PrEP medication, your concerns, and any lacking experience during PrEP medicines in terms of accessibility or affordability. You could share some unique stories of yours or your friends. You could share some points of view on why some people find it hard to access prep on economic, cultural, and social layers. You could teach me why PrEP is essential and recommend it. I also want to hear some points of view on stigma. For example, how would it be different between San Francisco and some rural cities in South Dakota to get advice and access PrEP? Your stories are really important and meaningful to me. This will help my design process and explore opportunity area to improve HIV PrEP. Please comment or dm me!