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I've had a lot of trouble breathing for many years. I don't think i get enough oxygen in my brain and it stops me from calming myself down. I have a lot of tension in my body especially my nose and it's very discouraging. I think something is wrong with my body. I'm so nervous I think my bones are out of place and i'm going to suffocate. Every time i try to do meditation my nose gets tingly and I feel a lot of discomfort. I can't get the long deep breaths I need and I involuntarily clench mid breath. It's hard to relax and change my thoughts it's like my brain is firing off the wrong thoughts. I tense more then a person should, to the point of dizziness. I stressed my muscles so hard I thought I was going to pass out. my anxiety is so bad I often spend every two days not sleeping. I quite literally mean through the whole night aswell. I've kept logs every hour of what happens and I don't think this is normal for an average person with strong anxiety even. It's very taxing to handle passing out after trying 8-9 hours constantly for my body to sleep. I can't even sleep with my anxiety medication. How could my doctors let everything get so bad?